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Lowell S. Paulsen   10/Jul/2002:21:52:47
10 July 2002 Gentlemen: I was assigned to the Special Correspondence
Section of HQs, Americal Division, from 1 May 1968 until I "DEROSed" on
28 January 1969. I really enjoyed the pictures on this website, as I
did not have the opportunity to take many myself when I was "in
country". I have reestablished contact with several other guys with
whom I worked at Chu Lai (SP5s Stanley Smolkin of Long Beach, NY, Jack
Wachsstock of Passaic, NJ, and Joseph Slama of Phoenix, AZ, plus
Meribeth Van Elderen of Geneva, Switzerland, the widow of SP5 Marlin
Van Elderen, who passed away on 12 June 2000) and have called their
attention to the photographs posted here. What better way to explain
to one's family and friends what Vietnam was really like? These candid
color pictures are a thousand times more revealed than the wet plate
stills taken by Matthew Brady during the American Civil War of the
1860s. My father, Svend Paulsen, served in France during World War I,
and I only have his verbal r
William (JoJo) Arauj   17/May/2002:06:39:05
I served in the Nam from 12/68 to 5/69. I have really no memory of who
I served with. Through the years I have come to find out that I served
with C-3-1 11th L.I.B. I know I served at Duc-Pho and spent time in
the bush. (Yes I was a grunt) I was hit by the concusion blast from a
friendly bomb while digging a foxhole. The jet we had called in was
breaking over us instead of the other way around and iI was about 10
feet from where the bomb landed. I have no memory of the names or
places of where I served. If ANYONE remembers me or the day I was hit
PLEASE contact me.
John Jiggs Caudron 15/May/2002:19:41:37
We appreciate this site. Noted Mike Ingersoll had signed in: Mike, you
took a wound to your finger from the same burst that killed poor Andy
Rivera; this was at Quang Ngai on the first day of the three. After
you were med-evaced, we assaulted the NVA in their bunkers 3 more times.
On the last attack, our platoon had rotated to assault platoon, our
squad to assault squad, our fire team to assault fire team, so I was
second man in following Roger "Ramjet" whose last name I never did know.
[apparently, the NVA did not open up and we blew bunkers the rest of the
day.]. Well, so happened that after we secured this place (afternoon of
the 3rd day) I was called back to the rear and served in S-2, Brigade
TOC, small liason teams during the vietnamization program, flew 39
missions for S-2 air (bird-dogs, O-1's that is) etc. I last spoke with
you over a phone when you were an MP, I was to find, at the main gate of
Bronco and the occasion was a jeep had been blown at Duc Pho Laundry. We
SGT Gregory D. Comis   14/May/2002:11:08:14
Just a note to say thanks for serving from a current E Troop
trooper. E Troop(sep) 1st Cavalry Regiment is now part of the 172nd
SIB stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska.
"Arctic Recon!" and "Courageous and Faithfull!"
Glen H. King   12/May/2002:14:00:36
Great sight. Spent about a month at 4-11 in August of '69. Then to Tien
Phouc for the rest of my tour. Deros and ETS Dec. 23, 1969. Thought Nam
was bad but nothing like trying to deal with V.A.
Robert Malcolm   13/Apr/2002:12:27:16
Just a line to tell you i had another back operation at your previous
clinic Thursday Apr. the 10 th. Dr Boxel did the operation. It was
the same disc and situation as the one you did in 1995, only it was on
the other side. Sorry to hear you retired. When you did the operation
in 1995 I never got to see you after the operation to thank you, I had
instant pain releif and my back has been good to the present time. I
enjoyed seeing your pictures, I spent 21 years in the Air Force.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy your retirement.
Bob Miller   08/Apr/2002:19:06:18
hallo to all. i went in with Cpt. Tyson s Terrors to build that hill.
Iremember that old French pill box,the good chow on the hill,some very
dark,quiet,rainy nights on guard duty and filling sand bags. I was
with A Co, 3rd of the 1st ---I guess from May 69 till some time in
Oct.69. That is when big Jim Blankenship were both transfered to D
Btry. 1/82 Arty. on Lz Dottie. We both were suspose to go home
together but I had a nasty gook sore onmy foot so I went to an aid
station. I found Jim 30 years later.
E. Q. Skip Fahel   25/Mar/2002:19:46:56
It was with great sorrow that I read of the passing of Col. Leslie
Stottle. I had the honor of serving with Col Stottle as the Commander
of B Company during the period of October 1969 to February 1970. As
the Battalion Commander, he provided me with the direction, guidance,
and support that I sought during my time in command. I found that Col
Stottle to concerned about the welfare of all of the men in the
battlation, understood the tactical situation, and the requirements to
meet our mission objectives.
I was happy that I was able to met and talk with Col Stottle at our
last reunion in Washington D.C., and was able to tell him of my pride
in serving under his command with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry.
Daniel (Dan) R. Barr   23/Mar/2002:06:40:20
"Absolutely Fantastic Site"

Tour date: 09/70 thru 09/71 FSB 4-11
CO.D 3rd. Bn. 1st. Inf. 11th. Bde
Sargeant E-5 Squad Leader

Actually started my tour at Duc Pho, then everthing was moved to Chu
Lai, which I rarely visited, and only when I went on R.R., and came
back to the world. It always was great to get back to the FSB for a few
days to relax -&- clean-up.
I was looking up the History of the 11th. Infantry Brigade when I came
across this site, boy was it a shock to see information on FSB 4-11, I
was really surprised, but really felt great to read all of the letters
(could not stop reading) sent by fellow FSB 4-11 VETS.
I will continue to visit this site often.



"It is an always will be an honor to have served with all VIETNAM VETS"

Special Note to all Vietnam Vets: Every year a VIETNAM VET RENUION is
held in Sept.(around the dates of 13,14,15, and 16) at Kokomo, In.,
last year 30 thousand VIETNAM VETS were there. This
Jim Wood   21/Mar/2002:08:24:12
James, great site. I was playing college football at LSU while you were
serving in Vietnam. Many friends went, not all returned. Even after all
this time I've been trying to make sense of it. Take care of yourself.
Jim Wood
Joe Repka   20/Mar/2002:16:12:24
Great, informative site. Adds a piece of reality to the mosaic for
those that weren't there. Thanks for doing this.
john lynch 01/Mar/2002:09:14:59
hay guys thought i would visit before i started my day,only place i
know to gat away from all the bull shit going on here there and
everyware.later johnboy
Paul Peters   28/Feb/2002:18:00:52
I served with the Americal Division, 3rd Batalion, 1st Infantry,
Headquarters Company at LZ Liz, LZ Cork, LZ Debbie, LZ Charlie Brown,
and LZ 411. From October 1968 to September 1970. Your site is very
interesting, cannot believe all the information. Looking for Daniel
Luas, California; Tandy Younce, California; Ron Caballero, California;
Richard W. Bridge, California; Al Russell, Illinois; Jorge L. Alvarado,
Jr., Puerto Rico; and Richard Kobayashi, Hawaii. Contact me if you are
still out there. Pete
john j lynch   20/Feb/2002:06:52:15
Hay guys im back i was johnj099@aol,but now im on earthnet,later.
LT Bar Delk   10/Feb/2002:19:36:19
Great web page... was plt ldr 1st plt c-3/1 Dec 70 to Jul 71 then xo to
standdown.. where is Papa Leach? ... contacted Lt Toler and Doc Nic
from site... THanks again
Harold Waterman Dickeyville Wi 08/Feb/2002:20:06:08
I was a mail clerk on 411 from 70 to 71. I have been wanting to see
this for a while. I am going to D.C. in Nov. for the wall
celebration. Hope to see some one I know. Welcome back to my fellow
vets. Take care guys. Thanks.
Harold Waterman 08/Feb/2002:19:50:04
Sharon M. Orr   22/Jan/2002:17:24:19
Like many others, I found this site surfing. My brother, Lt. Larry
Martin served with Company B of the 26th Engineers from October 1968
until he was killed in Quang Ngai Province on June 27, 1969. I would
love to hear from anyone who may remember him.
Gerald Jerry Dinke   19/Jan/2002:18:17:07
Great information on the hill 411 reunion in d. c. Lois and I had such
a great time. Saw a lot of old friends and met new ones. We plan to
attend the reunion in San Antonio in July.
Best Wishes to all
Jerry @ Lois
Redleader 5   18/Jan/2002:16:22:37
Just a LOH driver passin' through. Great pages. Thanx for keepin' it

Bob Klein   07/Jan/2002:21:37:07

I was with 1st bn 28th inf 1st inf div (BRO) Co c 67-68 Phouc Vinh -&- Quan Loi. Would Like to Take This Time And Say" Welcome Home" to all my BROTHER'S -&- SISTER'S
Larry Plagman   02/Jan/2002:22:11:55
Just a revisit to this site and it is better than ever. You have done a
wonderful job. I have got to post the pics I have, once I find out where
to do it. Nam 1970 (Feb-Dec.) Co. C 3/1, Squad Leader. Great site,
Dan Hinrichs   26/Nov/2001:12:15:59
I was stationed on LZ Bronco with the 6th Battallion 11th Artillery
firing 105mm support for the Jungle Warriors. Went on several missions
with the grunts when their F0's were on R-&-R. Was with fire direction
control--3 days in FDC bunker and 4 days flying as air observer calling
in arty while riding with 174th air support. Station from April
1969-May 1970. Would like to here from anyone who may have know 6th
Battalion Arty folks in FDC or other capacities. My mind has blocked
out names except for a few nicknames. Have lots of photos but no names
on them. Will probably request a day roster from Washington archives
and see if that jogs my memory. Most of our group didn't learn names
because of high casualties doing FO work. Too many newbies all the

Glad you guys made it back. Thanks for the great website.
Dan Hinrichs Tp. 816-525-0604 or work 1-800-333-1010 ext. 2945
Thomas J West   20/Nov/2001:00:36:19
I am the bother of Stanley E. West who served in Vietnam with the 11th
Infantry Division during 1967 to 1968. He was killed on September 24,
1968. I was wondering if any of you remember him and can tell me what
happened. I was told his truck hit a mine. I was also in Vietnam
during 1966 to 1967 serving with the 281st Assult Helicopter Company
with the 5th Special Forces in Nha Trang.

Tom West SP5 281st AHC
16314 SE 266 PL
Covington Wa 98042
eric demers   12/Nov/2001:00:34:02
i thought youre website was excellent. it was very descriptive and
provided a good ideal of what your surroundings looked like in the nam.
unlike most sites yours had a good photos. i plan on recommending this
site to my buddys. happy veterans day! and i will never forget those
who served
Ron Titus 175th Eng. 196th Infantry Brg. 11/Nov/2001:06:47:09
What an incredible site.We have been looking for people from the 26th
Eng. We were the 175th. who became A Company, 26th Eng. Btl. Please
visit our site. We have been looking for members of A company who can
help out with the names of those who were Kia'd from A Company after we
left in 67.We would like to Honor them along with a Memorial site of
the 175th Kias. We have found the CO. of A Company in 67/68 Col.
Douglas Lehmann and 80 men from the 175th. from 66/67 196th days.
Jim Collier jmcollier3@ 04/Nov/2001:22:25:57
Jim Collier   04/Nov/2001:22:15:58
Who took over after Cpt. Walsh Cpt Waldron?
Jim Collier   04/Nov/2001:22:10:51
Jim Collier here to say "hello" to all the vietnam vets who can never
explain to anybody but another vietnam vet what it really was like over
there! I served with D 3/1 from aug 70 to aug 71 and would like to
mention some of the friends that i remember and hope to hear from them
and also the friends that remember me that I might have missed! I was a
grunt and assisted papa jim rice on the M-60 and took over when jim
went home with Bob (Tex)Matula as my assistant gunner. I remember
Captain Walsh, top Gomez, Lt. Schraderer, Sgt George Jackson, Bill Neu,
Rest his soul, Lonnie Scipioni, Bob Stinson, Rip Van Campanella, Sgt.
Andy Sager, Bob Doyle, (Homer! The KCS I can never forget), Neuhgen,
Goa, Al Tuttle, Rest his soul! Todd from Mannassas Virginia! Roy ?, Ray
Berryman, Thanks for all the Christmas cards! Swoish, Cavasos, Swain,
Doyle, Bob Swartz, Madam K, Johnny Tivis, rest his soul, Ferraro, Sgt
George Jackson, how's the foot man? Roger Fontenot, Hey guys who took
over afte
Jim Finnegan C.M.A.C., Saga of a Saigon Warrior 03/Nov/2001:15:01:29
Great Site!
George Brewster   20/Oct/2001:16:29:04
I served in C/3/1 from January 68 til January 69. Came from
Berlin,Germany as E-5 was in weapons platoon with Sgt. Lau but went to
line platoon. Lt. Christain and Casey were Platoon
Leaders.Capt.Rhinehart was Company Commander, the best I ever served
with. I retired after 30 year with the Army Reserves.

Great Site!!!!!
jason graven   19/Oct/2001:08:11:43
you have a great web page and good luck on your your teachings
James G. Coe   26/Sep/2001:20:41:22

S-3 AIR -&- Bravo company 1970. My CP medic carried a M79. We bagged a
tiger in the mountains. Anyone recall? Please contact me.
Jim Coe
Raul Rendon   20/Sep/2001:23:40:56
I'm looking for anyone whom may have known my dad. His name is Raul
Rendon and he was a SGT. from the "triple nickels" or the 555th
engineer company. I think it was part of the 198th light infantry
brigade. If you have any information I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
Andy Fautheree Black Powder Specialties 19/Aug/2001:12:12:43
With a name like Fautheree, we have to be related. My father's side of
the family mostly centered around El Dorado, AR and Shreveport, LA,
etc. My father was Andrew C. Fautheree Jr., My grandfather was Andrew
C. Fautheree, my great grandfather was Will Fautheree in El Dorado, AR
Drop me a line if you get a chance. Would like to hear from you. Glad
your proud of your service. I was in the U.S. Navy from 1957-1960
aboard the Bon Homme Richard carrier but peacetime. I'm the Veterans
Service Officer for the county where I reside in Pagosa Springs, CO
WISKUS, JAMES D.   16/Aug/2001:13:10:39
Bruce Butler ( Butt   14/Aug/2001:08:53:27
Great site! I was with Divarty in 1971. Spent time out on the
op's. Was on OP-1 July and August of 71. I worked with the ground
control radar and the I.O.S. squads. I spent Sept. and Oct. attached
to E/1st/6th on hill 270. After that I was with the rearguard for
Chu-lia base during stand down. My claim to fame is that I was one
of the last G.I.'s to leave Chu-lia. Again,Great Site.Take care

Bruce Butler ( BUTT'S )
jennifer paxton   26/Jul/2001:12:15:04
hey there my name is jennifer paxton my mom was Barb Rose her husband
was Thomas Elden Rose he was a member of the 1st platoon of B company
3rd Battalion 1st infantry 11th brigade of the americal division.Tom
was killed July 19th 1969.I have grown up watching my mother be in pain
from missing Tom and I think this sight is great.This site gives people
like my mother a way of being in contact with people who loved Tom just
as much as she did.My mother is doing well but still it is hard for her
to forget but I just wanted to let you know that if you want to email
barb thats my mom you can contact her at my email address.I really
respect all the men and women of the armed forces for all they did for
their country you should be proud.

thanks again Jennifer
Maureen Toonkel   16/Jul/2001:22:56:35
I recently learned that Benjamin Richard Toonkel was my brother. We had
the same father but different mothers. Growing up I did not know he
existed. I saw his name on the Viet Nam Memorial in Wash. DC when I was
there in 1996 and then leanred he was a brother. I would love to hear
from anyone who may have known him. I'd like to know more about how he
James Jim D. Toler   14/Jul/2001:21:03:16
Just found this page today (7-14-01) and have been reading all night. I
recognized several names and have emailed them. Served in 70-71 as FO
with 6/11 Arty, assigned to C Company 3/1 Inf under Capt William Brozak
operating from 411. I recall nicknames but not many real names. Would
love to hear from anyone from those days!

Jim Toler
Terry Maloney   11/Jul/2001:20:08:55
This is a great site. I was a PL c/3/1 (1st Plt). Came over on the boat
Nov.- Dec. '67 and was wounded 10 Feb. '68 west of Liz while the
battalion was in stand down for Tet. We had seveeral KIAs in the short
time I was there tht aaren't on the site memorial but I don't have any
records to provide full names etc.

I went to the Americal Division Association reunion a few years ago
and met Capt. Joe Rhinehart C. co. comander, and Col. Franklin the
original 3/1/ battalion commander there. It was very good to just be
with people who could confirm that I really had lived through all
thoase experiences I had carried around in my head for thirty years.

I also meet at that reunion ,Paul Hayden who had served in C company
after I was wounded and evacuated back to Valley Forge Hospital in
PA. Paul is involved with an organization called, Madison Friends
Projects in Viet Nam. They have several projects going including a
memorial at MY Lai.

My wife and I have been contri
James (Jim) Wood   10/Jul/2001:01:07:02
This site gets better and better. You are doing an outstanding job and
it has resulted in a number of contacts with the men I served with.
Can't thank you enough for all of the time and effort you and the others
who have submitted materials, have put forth. Excellent job. C/3/1
Robert (BOB) Yawn   03/Jul/2001:08:58:21

I just found the site last week..great site..I just looked at Lt.James (Jim) Wood photos. I was in Charlie company 3rd 1970.. Lt Wood was platoon leader.. I would like to here from anyone that was with the 3rd platoon in 1970-1971...and see more photos of the 3rd platoon...thanks guys...please contact me..
Dave Lutz   03/Jul/2001:08:34:41
Great site ...these are some of the pics that I was never able to
take ! Former Delta 4/3 11th Bde. noncom infantry plt ldr 68-
69...landed at Bronco coming and going from VN...spent most of the time
in the bush and working from LZ San Juan Hill west of Duc Pho...great
job..Welcome Home to all..
Robert Yawn   28/Jun/2001:12:57:59

I was on firebase 411 in May 1970 when it was attacked. I had been flown back to firebase 411 after been wounded several days before. I was to stay on the firebase that night and fly out the next day to meet the company. That night a trip flare went off to the right of our position, that is when all hell broke lose after it was over we had killed several enemy and casptured one.. it was a zapper unit that was going to blow up the guns. We were told later that it was a NVA probeing unit for a heavier wave that was going to hit the firebase...the next day air strikes and gun ships worked out..if anyone remembers this let me know...thanks
Robert J. Yawn   28/Jun/2001:09:11:16

Hello to all the guys I serverd with in viet-nam firebase 411 C 3rd/1st
Doug Oliver   26/Jun/2001:18:50:32
Welcome home all... You have a great website and I like to visit it.
You see, it contains some of the area's my unit worked in 1967. We
arrived at LZ Montezuma (then a Marine LZ) in April of 67 our brigade
later named it Bronco. I was with the 1 BN 35th Inf of the 3rd Bd 25th
Inf Div. LZ OD was our TOC, the 2/35 had LZ Liz and the 1/14 had
LZDragon. Not only did we both came from Schofield but we ended up in
the same area. My first assignment after training was with HHC 11th
Bde in July of 66. I was then transfered to the 25th in Jan of 67, and
to my surprise when I was getting ready DROS from RVN, (I was pulling
Palace Guard at Montezuma) lo and behold here comes the 11th. So you
see I do have a connection. Keep up the good work on the website and
good luck........
JOE ARMBRUSTER   25/Jun/2001:12:45:13

E. Q. Skip Fahel   12/Jun/2001:14:48:35
In the August 2001 issue of Vietnam Magazine, there is an article by
Owen Harding about the Battalion during May 1970. Owen, great job, I
was suprised when I looked at the contents and saw 3/1 listed and then
your name. I enjoyed reading your account of the actions during that
period. I was back at Duc Pho at the time, knew that the units were in
contact, but did not get any details. Again, thanks for taking the
time to write about the battalion.
Glenn Overman   07/Jun/2001:10:47:49
What an awesome site you have. I haven't had feelings like this in many
years. Looking at the pics and reading the stories made me feel I was
back in the bush. I was with A company 3/1 from Jan 70 to May 70 and
then for medical reasons was transferred to Chu Lai where I finished my
tour. I remember well those that gave their all on May 13,1970. Ed
Delikat, David, Munson, Humphrey....Rest in peace my brothers. WELCOME
HOME to all that read this.
Anna Marie (Pugliese Namnurse's Homepage 03/Jun/2001:21:15:06
Great pics. I served at the 91st in Chu Lai from July 70 to July 71.
I even recognize some of the people in the "O" club party pics and some
of your beach pics are almost exactly like mine. Welcome Home doc!
Dennis Milner   28/May/2001:06:49:01
On this day don't forget each other who served. Take the time for they
did. Welcome home..
John Block   27/May/2001:08:45:15
I was wounded near the reservoir to the southwest of Duc Pho on Operation DeSoto. I was with Golf 2/7 and was a Corps-
man. Bad hair day, I guess. Now living back home in Colorado.
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Great site. Just surfed in.
David C Ward   22/May/2001:12:32:00
just wanted to sign .i was in hawaii and went to veitnan in dec
1967 on ship went to a battery as section chief served with goldman and
spade, my name is david c ward if any one remembers i was transfered to
d btry, from there i was infused to 4th inf div , later my friends
G. Wilson III computers' 22/May/2001:11:14:15
Hi, I came across your site while looking fer a Lambretta(sx-225), but
I am a freind of many veterans who did fight in the conflict, and I
think your site seems 'cool'. I especially like the picturing-Thanks!
Danny na 19/May/2001:05:52:54
To: david Eckburg. Just found an amazingly similar photo in my album
which included my old friend,Doc Trumble,was also in this web site in
a group photo taken in the aid station on 411. It appears that you were
there the exact same time I was. Doc Trumble was our medic and He is
one friend I would like to hear from. Would you happen to know of his
location?. My email address is listed here. This site is of the best I
have encountered.
Bill Hatfield Howdy From Linden 16/May/2001:04:33:53
Really enjoyed your page, well done, nice pictures.

James Fannon   07/May/2001:09:11:51

Beautiful web site! I was with E-troop from 67-68.
One of the originals when the 11th Bde. first went over. Remember the 3rd and 1st well as we did a number of operations with you guys.
Don Bradshaw   29/Apr/2001:18:46:39
I was on 4-11 from May, 1970 to April 1971. I was with E Co(recon).
I think of that place often. Talk to me guys, I'm ready.
Thanks for the web sight.
Carroll Sweet   27/Apr/2001:14:00:07
I was 2/1 196th Americal in Vietnam 1969-1970. I was looking for old
friends in the 11th from that time period when I saw this site. This
is a great web site. I didn't find anyone I knew from Hill 4-11 but
the sights and sounds from the photos and narratives brought home
ghosts of old times. I would enjoy seeing the 196th follow in your
footsteps with this site. You have put together a completely
comprehensive picture of a time worth remembering. Thanks for sharing.
John Keen   14/Apr/2001:18:42:38
Very nice web-site. I was with the 251st Field Arty Det on Radar Hill
(just south of LZ-Cork) and on OP-1,(just north of hill 4-11) in 1969.
Thank you for the nice web site, have visited it before and will visit
it often. John Keen
John J. Moran   11/Apr/2001:13:17:47
Great web site!
See you all in D.C. in 2002!

John Moran
A Co. 1/20
11 LIB
Jason Bittle   31/Mar/2001:09:27:17

Hello Veterans. My father (Bryon J. Bittle) was a RCO at FSB Hill 4-11
during Jan 70 - Nov 70. He is looking for information about an
incident he remembers there. We need this information to start a claim
with the VA for PTSD benefits.

Would anyone be able to point me where I can get some information?

1. According to my father, a hand grenade exloded inside of a
communications bunker sometime while he was stationed there. He didn't
mention any casualties, or any other details other than what I had
mentioned before..

thanks in advance,
Jerry G Shinn   28/Mar/2001:19:29:00
I served on 411 in 1969 with A Company and was with the first group
on the hill. It's been a long time, guys. Lots of memories, both good
and sad.

This one heck of a website. Saw lots of familiar names, etc.

Give em hell, warriers
Schoonmaker Robert W   28/Mar/2001:16:58:01
I can't believe my eyes I didn't think anyone remembered Firebase 411.
I arrived in Vietnam in 1969 before the Arvinazation of Vietnam... I can
remember looking down from the airplane at Camron Bay, and thinking
Hmmm' it doesn't look too bad down there...When we landed I asked where
the iith Brigade was... I was told to get on that C130 over there...
after a while we were over Duc Pho and I thought well at least there are
tents and buildings...when we landed I asked where the 3rd Battalion was
I was told to get in that Heuey over there...Wow I had never been in a
Chopper it was cool we landed at Firebase 4-11... at least there were
bunkers and sandbags to get behind...I asked where Delta company was and
was told to wait for the next Chopper, Delta company was burning down
the jungle around the firebase to create a freefire zone... Great, well
I got out to the company just as the wind shifted, the Chopper was long
gone and the fire started coming back at us...well you just don't run
Sgt. C. M. Winder Winder Family Website 25/Mar/2001:12:51:49
I may not have any business posting here, but I just wanted to make a

Discovering that I have a relative whom is a Medal of Honor recipient
renews my pride in the United States of America, and in my family name.

Direct relation is not known, but truly there is only one line of
Winders. If anyone has contact information with anyone who was a close
relative of David F. Winder, please email me.

Michael Deel   23/Mar/2001:19:23:25
I just found your wonderful site. I was with C Co. 4/21, 11th Bde.
from June '69 until wounded by booby trap 27Dec69. The pictures
of LZ Bronco, LZ debbie, Chu Lai, and the 91st Evac Hospital
where I was sent brouight back a flood of memories. I'm pretty
sure I recognize the blonde nurse sitting under the captured
weapon in the club. I believe her was Lt. Stahl. She helped me
pull through a pretty rough time before I was medivaced to
Japan.This is a great site, keep it up. I'm proud to be a Jungle
Warrior! Michael Deel---Austin, Texas
Mike McCormick McCOrmick's Place 19/Mar/2001:17:41:19
I was a UH-1 and OH-6 pilot in A/123rd Avn Bn (Pelicans) in 1968-1969.
I wish I had found your site last fall when folks were asking me if I
had pictures of the Americal AO. I lost most of mine in various
divorces G.

Yours is a great site and a tribute to the 23rd Inf. Thank you.

Pelican 223
John M Bible   11/Mar/2001:19:12:10
I was a Sgt Company B 3/1 and arrived in Viet Nam in November '67 on
the boat from Schofield Barracks and Pearl Harbor. I would love to
hear from anyone that made the trip and of course the convoy to Duc
Pho. Then there was LZ Liz where we operated out of for most of our
operations. Lost a lot of friends. I wish they all could have made it
home like I did. God bless them all and God bless to all who served.

Sgt John M Bible
B 3/1
tommy Lamm   03/Mar/2001:20:24:13
E 3/1 1967-68 came to nam from Hawaii by ship 11Th bdg arrived dec 67.
stationed on lz liz . Does anyone know where this is compared to hill 4-
Mike Ingersoll   01/Mar/2001:17:19:25
Grear site.
I served with the 3/1 11th LIB from 4/68 to 8/68
Hank Snyder   20/Feb/2001:20:24:20
For all interested persons, Captain William J Straub, who was CO of
C-3-1, during the later part of 68 until he was wounded on March 15,
1969, has finally been located with the help of the West Point alumni
office. He is doing well and living with his wife in Spokane,
Tim Hagberg   17/Feb/2001:20:04:31
I was on LZ Dragon in 1968 - January 1969. I have VCR Tape and photos.
I also have 8mm movies.
Michael Windows   11/Feb/2001:12:37:05
If anyone served on hill 411 during the time of March 1969 and Aug of
69 and was on the hill when they first had it named Kelly McCoy Tyson
terrors please contact me. I seved under Tyson and was a medic over
there and they caled me Pa Doc. I have went to a couple of reunion but
have never met to many that I served with but would like to fine a few
Dan Young   08/Feb/2001:21:54:33
Great site. Thanks you for all your hard work, both recently and while
In Country.
Molly Dickinson   01/Feb/2001:16:30:18
I am the daughter of Glenn Dickinson. He passed away 3years ago.
While he was alive I did not learn as much as I would have liked about
the experiences he went through while he was in Vietnam. If you have
any information please e-mail me. I'd love to hear from anyone who
knew my father during that time.

Yours Truly,

Molly Dickinson
Greg Bykowski   30/Jan/2001:15:01:16
Great site! I found it by accident on vetrans day and was just amazed
to see the hill again. It brought back lots of memories. I've shared
the sight with my kids, it gave them a chance to see the place from
other points of view. It helped me to contact some of my buddies, guys
that I thought I would never hear from again.
Russ Harvell   27/Jan/2001:07:39:48
Great site; photos are priceless; I am originally from College Station,
TX, but live in Little Rock, AR now. I arrived @ Bronco via Chu Lai
Jan.'68;assign to 'C'CO,1st platoon,3/1;Capt Reinhart was CO;I was RTO
for Sgt Kazazu;worked mostly out of Liz; spent time in hospitals @ Liz,
Chu Lai, -&- Cam Rahn Bay before leaving country Sept'68. So I was a
little ahead of the estab. of Hill 4-11, but the photos of Bronco -&- Chu
Lai are GREAT!! I've only contacted 2 guys from 1st pltn since '68;
made contact from 11th Brigade website. Thanks so much for this great
site; I've told other Viet Vets about it.
Sit-Rep is Negative; Charlie One-Zero, Out
Chris Bednar   24/Jan/2001:23:07:33
Found this sight by accident! What a time warp. I served with D Co. 3/1
11th LIB from July 69 to July 70. Great site! Brought back many
memories, Vividly! Litterly gave me goose bumps. Was there when 411 was
just dirt. Watched it change as we rotated back and forth to the
field. Hope everyone is doing well. Keep up the good work.
John Weidle   20/Jan/2001:15:11:16
Great web site!!! It is amazing that 30 yrs later I am looking at the
pictures of hill 411 where my brother Robert James Weidle wrote letters
home from when he came in from the bush. He served in D Company,3rd BN
1st Div from Jul-20-1970 to Sept-2-70 KIA. I am interested in hearing
from anyone who served with him in Vietnam.
Jim Simon   19/Jan/2001:14:44:22

Nice site,always a pleasure to read about the experiences of others that were in Nam. I wasn't in the 3/1st. But was with 1/20th inf. 11th. Lib.from 1/9/70 to 3/25/71. Just down the road from hill 4-11 LZ Liz. 4.2 mortar fo. attached to alpha co. Welcome home. Keep up the good work
Ken Keck   11/Jan/2001:06:23:22
Served with Recon, 1/20, 11th LIB 66-67 (Hawaii), 67-68 (Vietnam)
MACV Advisory Team 43, Chu Chi District 71-72

Great site, have lot's to look at yet so will be back from time to time.

Welcome home to all!
T.(doc) Cowan   03/Jan/2001:14:11:23
Loved the photos especially Huey P. Fautheree -&- Terry Copt I was
art.medic on lz cork, B battery 6/11th art. Feb.1969 we had a great
shitter ever us it?
Michael Ingersoll   03/Jan/2001:11:10:54
I served with the 3/1 Co C from 4/68 to 8/68 when I was evacted out. I
then weent to the HHG Co with the MPs. left Bronco May 20, 1969
Tom Clegg   28/Dec/2000:13:14:36
Thanks for a great web site. I was with 67th Med near Marble Mountain
in '71 - thanks for all you guys did.
Steve Holden   23/Dec/2000:10:17:38
Was virtual "sailing" down the coast of Nam today and just "surfed" in
to Chu Lai as I literally did back in 67. I was a "squid" on the USS
Pitkin County (LST 1082)and we'd make the ramp at Chu Lai to re-supply
you guys. We had no time or business getting off our "t" and I often
wondered what things were like for you guys. I assumed not too
great...Thanks for the pictures and perspective. I've read a ton of
books on the Nam trying to sort it out but I really enjoy the first
hand accounts. Keep it up and thanks for sharing your
memories! Steve Shipfitter 2nd Class
Howard J. Zorn, Jr.   22/Dec/2000:13:51:43
Donna My Veterans Tribute Picture Page 22/Dec/2000:13:25:28
I added a new picture to my website today, in honor of Christmas. If
anyone would like to see the pictures I make, please visit my site, and
please let me know what you think of it.
Rick Winchester   17/Dec/2000:16:28:16
Spent almost 14 months on and off the hill in 70 and 71. Just found
the website today. Sure brings back some bittersweet memories. Keep
up the good work .Rick.
Dennis(Marty)Milner   14/Dec/2000:18:07:57
Left Scofield in Hawaii Dec 67. Ended up on Artillery Hill on LZ
Bronco. Worked in the Metro section till July 69. Pictures were great,
actualy saw our hooch in one of the pics. My memory fades in and out
with places and names. This site brings some of them back. Love to
hear from anyone who remembers me. Welcome back GI.
Dr Kenyon Kugler   13/Dec/2000:11:09:46
Glad to see some of my photos of the combat center and FSB 4-11 have
made it on the website and see that some of the medics I worked with
have left messages. I definitely remember a sapper attack during which
we all sat on top of the Aid Station and watched flares fired from
another support base at us.... Two sappers were killed in the wire
that nite but we had no serious casualties as I recall. K. Kugler.MD
Drew Fontenot   05/Dec/2000:21:06:27
I was with C Btry 6/11 August 1970 to October 1971. Spent time at LZ
Bronco, Liz, Snoopy, Siberia, and later Charlie-2 above Dong Ha. Some
of the pics bring back lots of memories. Thanks to all who have
contributed to this fantastic site.
Sp4 Cristino Rodrígu   02/Dec/2000:17:39:26
I was at Bronco from Jan 68 to Aug. 68. Got early out. Went back to
school. Was ambulance driver. Probably hauled a few of you guy to our
A-&-D Station. 6th Sup. Bat is not mention in your tour guide. Nice site.
Love the pictures but was unable to down load them. They seemed to
vanish and only the cammouflage net is seen. Did no have a camera to
take pictures. Had a few polaroid but lost most of them except one.
Greetings from Puerto Rico.
James Day   01/Dec/2000:16:43:43
Served with D3/1st (grunt) -&- E3/1st (sniper) from 12 sept.1970 till
standdown. Than served with Co A 501st AVN BN 71st AHC as a door gunner
in first Plt. "Widow Makers" until I Deros.
Great site and just when I think it is behind me it all comes back
Bob Watkins   30/Nov/2000:20:21:27

Enjoyed your site. Served with the 5/16 Atty 4th Inf. August 68'.
To May 69'. Thanks

Bob Watkins
Bruce Rothenberger   20/Nov/2000:20:58:59
Served in Nam 12/69 -2/71, first with the 199th LIB, then CO C
3/111thBDE from 9-70-2-71. Would enjoy hearing from anyone. Have been
trying to remember Nam , after years of suppression. Any help is
appreciated. thanks
Alla   03/Nov/2000:06:21:06
Thanks for all the help he gave us in the Vietnam War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donna My Veterans Tribute Page 02/Nov/2000:18:36:01
I found your site through the Americal site almost a year ago. Very
informative, I like reading your stories, and while looking I got some
inspiration and ideas to make the pictures on my web site. I'm still
designing and sewing, currently working on the 3/1, I put them up as
they are done. My Tribute.
William E. Abernathi   29/Oct/2000:14:41:06
Great pictures! Some brought back a lot of memories. Some of the guys
on LZ Cork I think I knew from when I was there. I was in 81MM mortar
platoon on LZ Cork when it was overrun. Welcome Back To All.
john r. poitras   23/Oct/2000:11:27:53
Jack L. Winn   23/Oct/2000:11:26:42
October 20,2000, just happened to see an ad in the VFW magazine which
listed the web site for the Americal Division. One link led to
another and I found Hill 4-11. I guess I have spent hours looking,
reading and remembering guys and events. I even found a picture of me
that I did not know existed, Legionnaries Ledger, Jan.22,1971,baptismal
Sara Simpson Hartnes   05/Oct/2000:19:55:55
To Gary Koppen, Thanks very much for the photos of my brother Pete.
Those of us at home, surely did worry about you guys the whole time you
were gone.

To Peter: Your nephew said, "OOO, Dude, how many twinkies has he eaten
since that picture was taken?"
Les Stottle   30/Sep/2000:15:48:31
Charley, The site looks terrific. Looks like a lot has been added after
reunion. Keep up the good work.
Robert E. Aurand AMI 28/Sep/2000:06:25:53
This is great guys keep up the good work. Sorry I can't help, I served
with the 25th, 1967-69. Don't ever let the memorys fade on our brave
men who gave it all.

Bob Aurand, Cpt, Eng
s diane mozingo   22/Sep/2000:21:39:27
Charlie, Pam has been telling me about this web site it is great she is
very proud of you.Keep up the good work.
Hank Snyder   20/Sep/2000:13:09:43
I have been at your webpage several times and I enjoy it each time. I
paticularly enjoyed the photos ,and Rev Benzing's memorial service this
past July at the reunion. I could not attend this year but hopefully
will next time. I am a former member of c-3-1, 3rd platoon, 3rd sqaud,
from Dec. 68 to May 69. I would love to hear from anyone who I served
with. Thanks!
Jim Sarosy   13/Sep/2000:03:46:35
What a great site..... was in vietnam from Oct 68 till Oct 69. Was
in the field for about 6 months and then worked as a casualty clerk in
LZ Bronco.
Bob Sedlmeyer   27/Aug/2000:13:19:13
I am looking for anyone who I was with on LZ Dragoon Bravo Co. 3-1, I
think the 2nd platoon I cannot quite remember, I tran. to E 51st lrrp
in Dec 69, I was there from 9-68 till 12-68
John Sheffer   26/Aug/2000:20:03:42
Welcome home everyone. Special hello to the 3rd Herd. I was a grunt
with Alpha Co.3/1 11th Inf.1970-71
Phone: 1-517-826-3021
Address:593 N.Circle Drive Mio,MI 48647

Thank you Chesse for telling me about this awesome site!!
John Sheffer   26/Aug/2000:19:45:43
Welcome home everyone. Special hello to the 3rd Herd. I was with Alpha
Co.3/1 11thBde.1970-71
ron booth   25/Aug/2000:17:46:27
hi this is ron booth. I was just looking at pictures of hill 4-11 and
remembering. i'm glad that this site is available and would like to say
hi to all my fellow americal soldiers and welcome home to all of you.
good luck to all of you. we deserve it. ron booth watertown n.y.
Larry Plagman   10/Aug/2000:23:28:04
Great site Charlie. Glad to see all you guys made it back. C Co. 3/1
from 2/70-10/70 was my time there as a squad leader. Got sent home with
mono and secondary hepatitis (not A,B or C). This sure brings back
memories. Sorry, I missed the reunion in DC. Hope you guys had a great
time. Take care all.
Larry (Sarge)
Frank Wilkinson   06/Aug/2000:11:34:12
Sure do miss all the guys Mcclellan Swafford Carriger Maschke Hinds
Woelfel Rice Oliva Trifiro doc Godman
Mike Gottschalk   02/Aug/2000:10:58:09
6th 11th arty San Juan Hill 1969-70
Dr Kenyon Kugler   27/Jul/2000:20:45:30
Impressive website but I'd have to retire to take it all in! Have lots
of slides Jan 1970-September 1970. K KuglerMD
Edward (Ned) Taylor   19/Jul/2000:17:08:17
Hi to all my brothers I'm sorry Icouldn't make the reunion this week
but I'm with you in spirit. To Dick Hill, have a cold one for me or
maybe two. Good Luck All. Ned Taylor CO B,3/1 class of SEP 69- SEP 70
SP4 Earl Johnson   16/Jul/2000:20:53:45
2272MP and 18TH MP BRG. May God Bless all who lived through this
terrible times and may the familes of thoes who lost a brave soldier
that they will not be forgoten even by thoes of us who never met them in
william r. allen (wi 11th Light Infantry Brigade 13/Jul/2000:07:26:45
Bob Doc Lombardo   02/Jul/2000:14:32:55
Geat site. I was a medic for Co D 3/1 -&- 23 Med Chu Lai 8/68-8/69 Those
picture really help get the memory banks cranking.
Ron Booth   25/Jun/2000:00:20:23
Ron Booth Iwas with CO.D 3/1 11th BDE. 23RD.INF Hill 4-11 1971-WELCOME
mike keena   15/Jun/2000:14:21:12
was with E troop 1/1 track 1-3 GLORY STOMPERS,oct68/69
worked with all you guys,welcom home. real nice site.
Ed Dyer   15/Jun/2000:13:51:16
what a great site, so many good memories to heal the bad; really looking
forward to DC reunion; hope to renew friendships with B/3/1 members from
November '68 to May '69, keep the faith, Ed
Richard Capistran   12/Jun/2000:19:47:10
Thank You, Jimmie Simmons, for helping me find Hank Vasil. We were
wounded on the same day, November 12, 1969. It was great hearing from
dan Danny Boy 08/Jun/2000:18:45:44
us navy reserves 1965-1972
USS Hollister DD788 1968
Chu Lai Viet Nam 1968-1969
US Marine Corps reserves 1975-1977
These will include the time I spent with the NSAD (Naval Support
Activity Detachment) in security for 6 months and the POL (Petroleum
Oil -&- Lubricant) in security for 6 months
Danny Boy :)
bob grasshopper sa   04/Jun/2000:06:16:42
was on stinson myself a number of times. was my home when not out in
happy valley with c co. 1/52 198th americal june 70 to june 71.
also saw some time on lz chippewa. am searching for all 1/52 vets
reunion planned in granby, massachusetts for june 21-25, 2000
also maintain a roster of 1/52 vets for anyone interested.
welcome home bros !!!!!
Alex Resnick   01/Jun/2000:06:52:40
Isn't it wonderful to know that the real history of the Vietnam War is
now being written by those who fought and served, and not by some third
parties who have a vested interest in getting their own political point
of view in print. Thank God for letting us see this day where a home
computer and a telephone line can connect people to the truth. Your
site is an inspiration and fine tribute.

Thank you for your service in slowing down the tide of communism and
leading to it's ultimate defeat everywhere in the world (except the
Universities and Government offices in the United States of America,
where it still looms as something to strive to obtain.) Your service
was not in vain.
Jack Bisbee   30/May/2000:20:26:47
You have a great web-site. I was with 4-31-196th Light Infantry. We
humped Death Valley and Mt. Nui-Chom. The ghosts will come visit me to
night. Take Care to all the brave grunts of the 11th.
Dale Summers A Tribute to Vietnam Vets and our POWMIA's 23/May/2000:14:16:58
You have a great site here. I enjoyed reading the stories, especially
the sapper ones, very much. Keep up the great work!
Tom Petty   15/May/2000:06:56:56
Great Site! Thanks, Charlie. Art (Cambo) Cammerrissi Died of
complications from open heart surgery last week in Long Beach, CA.. He
will be buried at sea 5/20/2000.
Larry McClellan   10/May/2000:18:22:24
Glad to find you guys
Rivera and Young you guys saved my life
Carriger (not sure of spelling)
Lt. Triferio (trip)

Scott (Red) Curtis   07/May/2000:05:36:55
I want to thank all involved with the efforts to develope this site, it
sure has cleared some of the fog in this 'ol head of mine. It's been a
long walk back here but the reunion with old friends has made it all
worth while!! Keep up the good work!!!
Marty Buys   29/Apr/2000:21:50:18
My name is Marty Buys, Doc Buys, and I was a medic with Delta Co, 3/1,
11th Infantry. I served from June 1969 to Late Nov 1969. I was
initially assigned to a platoon and then the cp of Delta CO. Some of
the people in the pics looked familiar to me.

One of the guys I was close with was Jack Calamia and was with him when
he was killed by land mine. I think my platoon leader was Lt.
Schakelford. I'll look this weekend for old letters which I think will
list the platoon I was in. At the end of Nov. I was transfered to the
67th Evac hospital where I was a medic on the intenseive care ward. I
look forward to your from you. please post my info on your page.
Thanks, Marty Buys
Gary York   27/Apr/2000:19:20:55
WOW - the memories come flooding back.
I was with B 3/1 from 10-68 to 10-69. Was on Hill 4-11 at it's early
stages. I remember getting hit with rockets and mortars every night a
6:00pm. Did it ever calm down?
Samuel Tennessee K   27/Apr/2000:13:12:35
Top Secor, Mickey Morgan, Cheese, Woodrow Wilson, Lynn Surrell, Harold
Steadman, Terry Weeks, Gary Barnes, Rick Winchester, John Sheffer, Gary
McCurry, Wolfe, Jerry Seay, Gary Miller, Hornbuckle and all the other
guys that I forgot, I thank you for your friendship and our fallen
commrade Bobbie Limirick and deceased Chet Roney for helping this old
Tennessee boy get home. I love you with all my heart. Tennessee
samuel e grashio   25/Apr/2000:07:32:27
I was introduced to this site by Tink, whom I wish to thank. I was the
platoon leader of C company's second platoon from Aug. 70 to Feb. 71. I
am so grateful to all those who have contributed to this site. It has
brought back some fond memories and some not so fond. But overall there
is a healing affect every time I log on. I remember so many of you
guys. Especially those from second platoon, Doc Zanzie, Dale Wilson,
Larry Miller, Red, Blue and others like Papa Leach, Tink, Mousey, Ed
Benson, Lt. "Torch" Scott Jackson. Many others who I remember from
pictures, but can't come with names. Many, many thanks to all who have
contributed. Sam.
Patrick Gauthier 25/Apr/2000:06:22:18
Great site, love the pictures. I had a flashback, it was great.
Looking forward to the renuion. I was E/3/1 from Nov.68 to Nov. 69.
Carl Caputo   24/Apr/2000:17:07:08
Charley you are helping others to heal. Thank you.
Fred Katz (Kitty)   22/Apr/2000:09:57:14

Already signed book but wanted to add that this site brought back memories. Glad to be included. Great site! Thanks.
Fred Katz (Kitty)   22/Apr/2000:09:40:55

I was in A company 3/1 from Jan. to Nov.'70.

Bill Mead   20/Apr/2000:18:09:21
I served with Co A 3/1 11th Bde Americal Division. I was on the hill
in the very beginning including the night the VC played songs to us
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone" among others. Remember filling sand
bags to build bunkers and driving posts for the perimiter. Also
remember a sapper attack killing our Platoon Sgt.

A great site really enjoyed.
Cassie Ross   20/Apr/2000:07:41:00
What a great site that includes powerful history and photos of heroes
including my wonderful uncle Gary McCurry.
Anthony W. Pahl Bushranger's Revetment 19/Apr/2000:01:32:52
Great site mate - being an Australian Vietnam Veteran, I am always
interested in what the rest of those in-country were doing. Was too
busy to do much sight-seeing while I was there but am seeing and
learning a lot now. Thanks mate BR73
Steve Jones   13/Apr/2000:10:14:33

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